technical specifications


Cam Loch Kayaks hand built 'Chesapeake 16' as designed by John Harris

Length: 4.77 m (15' 8")
Beam: 584 mm (23")
Weight: 19 kg (42 lb)
Load: 116 kg (260 lb)
Cockpit: 787 x 432 mm (31" x 17")
Knee Height: 304 mm (12")
Max. Shoe Size: 11 (46)
Paddler Weight.: 53.5-80 kg (120 - 175lb)

Product description

 A Greenland style expedition sea kayak that freights like a truck and tracks like a train. It excels in rough water and steep seas.

The radically cambered foredeck sheds water quickly and provides plenty of foot room.

The stern design assures train-like tracking and minimal weathercocking, even in fierce crosswinds.

The hard-chine hull is strongly influenced by West Greenland designs. It is easy to lean and turn, handles following seas with ease, and surfs beautifully. The long waterline and moderate rocker assure plenty of speed. Its high volume bows will cruise over big waves.

Epoxy end pours at the bow and stern provide extra impact strength. The outside of the hull is shrouded in fibreglass cloth set in epoxy resin and marine varnish for abrasion resistance and protection from UV light, and is virtually maintenance free.

The high volume hull has a maximum load of 260 lbs (116 kg) and is well suited to long distance expeditions.

Built entirely by hand from a limited edition of twelve, and with proper care and maintenance will last a hundred years.

Each kayak comes with a hand carved Greenland style paddle, an all weather fitted spraydeck and cockpit cover, and is fitted out with fore and aft safety flotation bags as standard.

• All in price £15,000 GBP (excluding cost of specialist courier delivery service to your place of residence, either UK or Overseas)