Fyne Boats are my main suppliers of materials and consumables used for kayak construction. I have an agreement with them to build under license a limited number of wooden kayaks by hand - solely with the use of unpowered hand tools.

If you seek further recommendation about Cam Loch Kayaks, then do speak to either Paul or Phil by phone:- (+44) 01539 721 770 or by email at

Business Gateway has given financial assistance to Cam Loch Kayaks as part of its remit to support growth of new business activity within the rural Scottish North West Highlands.

My contact at Business Gateway is:- David Knight, Regional Development Officer, Sutherland Business Gateway, Dornoch Road, Bonar Bridge, Sutherland IV24 3EB Office Telephone (+44) 01863 766128 email

My other activity is fine art landscape photography - here is a link to my other website