how to order + terms & conditions

ordering a kayak is done by consideration, consultation and negotiation - please read carefully

First of all, take the time to look at everything on this website and decide for yourself how much you really want something that will take up to a year to build.

Read and re-read my builder's tale to get the full flavour of what it means to build a wooden kayak by hand.

Read and re-read the tech spec to understand exactly what you get and pay for - any questions - ask!

If you really do like the idea of owning and using a hand built-hand made wooden kayak, then do please telephone or contact me by e-mail to discuss your requirements.

I am now available to take an order for my next kayak build starting early spring 2013.

• The price for a complete build is £15,000 GBP - half up front, the other half payable on completion prior to delivery.

Specialist courier delivery service to your place of residence, either UK or Overseas, is extra.

During the build, I will send periodic updates by e-mail showing pictures of the kayak build in progress. The weather can be ferocious here, and if building slows to a halt due to bad weather, I will let you know.

When the build is complete, I leave the kayak to hang for a month to allow the varnish to properly harden off before it is finally ready to hit the water.

After delivery, the kayak has a guarantee for twelve months to cover you for any defects or poor quality in manufacture. Frankly, after what goes into the building process, any problems are unlikely to happen, but I have to say these things out of respect for your rights as the customer. Normal wear and tear through normal use is not covered by the guarantee.

I cannot and will not accept any liability whatsover for the incorrect use of the kayak in what is an assumed risk activity. It is up to you to provide adequate life insurance and health cover for both yourself and anybody else who happens to use the kayak under your supervision.