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assembling the hull 10

As always, a lengthy preparation counts for everything, and after several hours of painstaking work, the sheer clamps are glued up and held together with - guess what - clamps !!! The workshop has an enormous number of clamps of all different types and sizes. It is true to say that you can never have enough clamps, and in the course of this construction journal you will see hundreds of them.

Yes, this is me again in the picture. This time I am wearing safety spectacles, a respirator, and cotton gloves sheathed in vinyl. All of which helps prevent ingestion or exposure to epoxy resin and the fumes given off while in its liquid state. The baseball cap is in fact a 'bump cap' that stops me from banging my head on the rafters. Most of the time I wear a head lamp for better ilumination of close up work. Health and Safety issues are taken seriously here at Cam Loch Kayaks.